Frequently asked questions

ESC is the leading source for jobs. We have relationships/contracts with schools and districts which give us exclusive access to jobs before these jobs are posted on the market. Sometimes these positions are exclusive and are not available directly with the clients. Once you sign up with us, we take care of setting interviews and moving you through the process. Once placed, you will be on our payroll and we will provide you with exceptional benefits.

Yes, we offer temporary positions as well the duration of such contracts are 1 to 3 months depending on the assignment. We check with the client about an extension to the contract before contract commencement Unfortunately, if there is no scope for extension, we try to find new positions before hand. The employee will receive benefits based on the contract. Check with your recruiter before placement. Most of our positions are full time positions and we do temporary contracts very seldom.

If you would like more information such as salary, application deadline, and requirements, or the status of the application after submitting your resume, we encourage you to contact [email protected]

Yes. You can now upload additional documents, including cover letters, references, transcripts, and more. These materials may help you when applying for a position through ESC.

ESC has excellent relationships with school districts and clients. There are a lot of exclusive job openings that we have access to that are not available in the open market
We streamline the job search process and interview for you. We will bring the job to you instead of you searching on the internet
We expedite the hiring process and make the onboarding process seamless
You have a chance to choose your career goals and the type of work environment you seek, a flexibility of contract work, what are you looking for in your next job etc
We have an exceptional range of benefits that are better than what you get in the market elsewhere.

There is no fee to search jobs/ positions with ESC.
How do I get an update of jobs in my area?

Our advanced “Job Alert” option allows you to get daily jobs updates in your area.
Whom do I contact if I have questions about searching jobs?

You can email [email protected] or you may also call our board number to get more details of jobs.

Just simply click on “Apply Job” button. Be sure to read the application instructions listed in the job description and send your resume/CV according to the information provided in the posting.

As of now, ESC is only hiring U.S. Citizens (born/ green card). This situation might change in the future. Please check back with us for updates.

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